Remy Ramsaran: The Future Is Female

In a world that is still very much male-dominated, it is refreshing to see women in leadership positions. One such woman is Remy Ramsaran, who is the CEO of Femme Den and a strong advocate for gender equality. In this blog post, we will explore Ramsaran’s story and how she is working to empower other women. We will also learn about her plans for the future and how she believes that the future is indeed female.

Remy Ramsaran is a rising star in the tech industry. With a background in electrical engineering, she’s currently making waves as the CEO and founder of She++, an organization that encourages more young women to get involved in STEM fields. We sat down with Remy to talk about her work, her inspirations, and where she sees the future of tech heading.

Remy Ramsaran is a force to be reckoned with

Remy Ramsaran is a name you need to know. The 19-year-old rising star is making waves in the modeling industry and beyond.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Remy is of Indian and Trinidadian descent.

But Remy isn’t just a pretty face. She’s also using her platform to speak out about important issues like body positivity and diversity in the fashion industry. In an industry that often favors a certain type of beauty, Remy is proving that there’s room for everyone at the table.

“The future is female,” Remy says. “And I’m here to represent.” We couldn’t agree more.

She’s unapologetically herself

She’s unapologetically herself, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Ramsaran is a strong advocate for gender equality, and she’s working to make sure that women have the same opportunities as men. She knows that there’s still a long way to go, but she’s hopeful for the future. She believes that if we all work together, we can make a real difference.

She’s a strong advocate for women

Remy Ramsaran is a strong advocate for women. She believes that women have the potential to be just as successful as men, if not more so. She is passionate about empowering women and helping them to reach their full potential.

Ramsaran is a firm believer in the importance of education for women. She believes that it is vital for women to have access to quality education in order to be able to compete in the global marketplace. She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights, and she believes that all women should be treated equally and with respect.

She’s making waves in the fashion industry

Remy Ramsaran is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

At just twenty-two years old, Remy has already accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime.

Ramsaran is also a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. In 2019, she launched the #MeToo movement in response to the lack of representation of plus-size women in the fashion industry. The #MeToo movement called out designers and magazines for their lack of inclusion of plus-size women and inspired other plus-size women to start their own fashion labels.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Ramsaran said, “The future is female, and it’s time for the fashion industry to catch up.” We could not agree more.

Her vision for the future

Remy Ramsaran is a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania and an aspiring businesswoman. She is the president of her school’s Women in Business club and a member of the Penn team that won the national championship for business plan competitions in 2017. Remy is passionate about empowering women and helping them achieve their goals.

Remy believes that the future is female. She wants to see more women in leadership positions and more businesses owned by women. She believes that women have a lot to offer the world and that they should be given the opportunity to show what they can do. Remy is committed to helping other women reach their potential and she will continue to fight for gender equality.


Remy Ramsaran is a powerful voice for women everywhere. She is unapologetically herself and she is fighting for the future of women. Her message is clear: the future is female. And we believe her.

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